As a law firm, we offer a wide range of consultancy services tailored for startup companied and SMEs, with a particular expertise in cross-border issues. Some of the services that we’re most often asked for are:


Is the business idea you have in mind legally feasible? Often legislation plays a major role in determining whether a certain kind of business is going to work out or not, maybe even just because of local differences (e.g. between the U.S.A. and EU-member states). We help you to find out the possible pitfalls and, most importantly, to solve them. Usually there is always a way to make things work!

Soft landing

Are you planning to expand your business activity on the German market? Then you will probably be asking yourself: Do I need to establish a legal entity? Can I open a bank account and hire employees? How do I operate my business from abroad?

We are here to help you find the most appropriate and leanest solution to set up your business in Germany, taking care of the relevant beaurocratic procedures.


Especially if you’re based abroad, very often the prospective of litigating your rights judicially in Germany will seem costy, complicated and unpredictable, making it hard to enforce them.

In the first place, we explore any possible out-of-court solution whenever this makes sense and try to de-escalate controversies. If no settlement is achieved, we take care of the judicial proceeding with a personal and committed approach, keeping you always posted.

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